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Nutri V Rich
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Nutri V Rich merupakan racikan makanan bahan mentah  kaya akan gizi yang diformula oleh seorang Pakar Kesehatan ahli obat obatan ternama di Korea, yaitu  Prof. Hwang Shengzhou.

It contains 45 kinds of organic vegetables , fruits, fungi, and algae. It is safe to be consumed and it provides our bodies with balance nutrition and high-value nutrients.

Natural sugar-free food that is suitable even for diabetics. It helps you to lower your blood pressure, glucose, blood cholesterol and relieve constipation. Thus, it is highly recommended for sub-health condition.


  1. One sachet for sub-health group in the morning mix with 200ml drinking water.
  2. 2 sachets daily for people with medical condition.
  3. Half sachet for child above age 7 and 1 sachets for teenager above age 14.

Take note:not recommended for CKD patients, do not mixed with coffee, soft drinks and liquor.


Main ingredients:
Brown rice, sorghum, corn, coix, black rice, red bean, glutinous rice, black bean, barley, soy, black sesame, potato, kale, cabbage, cress, cauliflower, leek, carrot, radish, chrysanthemum, pumpkin, mangosteen, tomato, grape, pomegranate, cherry, strawberry ,mushroom, seaweed, wakame, yeast, spirulina, wheat germ, mediar.

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